Film Festivals & Awards

Film Festivals
Buttered Corn on the Cob Film Festival April 2014 My Life Is a Movie
Riverside Film Festival April 2014 Something in the Basement
Orlando International Film Festival October 2013 tomorrow
St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase July 2013 Metanoia
St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase July 2013 tomorrow
Hyart Film Festival June 2013 Ragman
Snake Alley Film Festival June 2013 Ragman
City Garden May 2013 tomorrow
15 Minutes of Fame May 2013 There’s Something in the Basement
Short Sweet Film Festival February 2013 Ragman
ITSA Film Festival November 2012 Ragman
Great Lakes International Film Festival September 2012 Walther
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival August 2012 Walther
WorldKids International Film Festival August 2012 A Different Stylist
Short. Sweet. Film Fest June 2012 Ragman
UK Christian Film Festival May 2012 Ragman
The Attic Film Festival March 2012 Walther
The Accolade Competition December 2011 Walther
Maranatha Film Festival September 2011 Ragman
Panama City Beach Music Fest August 2011 Ragman
RE:IMAGE Film Festival May 2011 Ragman
International Family Film Festival March 2011 Delayed Reactions
Beloit International Film Festival February 2011 Ragman
Los Angeles Int’l Children’s Film Festival January 2011 Delayed Reactions
San Diego Christian Film Festival December 2010 Ragman
Route 66 International Film Festival September 2010 Ragman
Clearwater Film Festival September 2010 Ragman
San Diego Int’l Children’s Film Festival August 2010 Delayed Reactions
Phoenix Christian Film Festival August 2010 Ragman
Moonlight Film Festival June 2010 Ragman
Gideon Film Festival June 2010 Ragman
Reno Film Festival June 2010 Ragman
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival (Best Faith-based Film) May 2010 Ragman
On Location: Memphis International April 2010 Ragman
Seeing God at the Movies April 2010 Ragman
The Attic Film Festival (TAFFY Award) April 2010 Ragman
Imago Film Festival April 2010 He Qi: The Peaceful Message
Brickyard Creek Christian Film Fest March 2010 Ragman
Macon Film Festival February 2010 Ragman
International Christian Short Film Fest November 2009 Ragman
St. Louis International Film Festival November 2009 Ragman
River’s Edge International Film Festival November 2009 Ragman
Orlando Film Festival November 2009 Ragman
INDIEFEST! October 2009 Ragman
Heartland Film Festival October 2009 Ragman
Black Earth Film Festival September 2009 Ragman
Route 66 International Film Festival Sept 2009 The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles
Washougal International Film Festival August 2009 Ragman
St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase July 2009 Ragman
Springfield Little Film Festival July 2009 Ragman
15 Minutes of Fame July 2009 The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles
Kansas City Film Fest April 2009 There’s Something in the Basement
Macon Film Festival February 2009 The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles
Washougal International Film Festival August 2008 The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles
St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase July 2008 There’s Something in the Basement
Coming Up Shorts (2nd Place) July 2008 There’s Something in the Basement
Jersey Shore Film Fest (3rd place Short Short) July 2008 The 2 Sons & Their Crogzookles
St. Louis International Film Festival November 2007 The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles
VLAA Short Film Contest (2nd Place) September 2007 The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles
Emmy Awards
Seeking Freedom (2008 Documentary Historical)
The Whirlpool of Depression (2001 Current Affairs)
The Power of Addiction (2001 Current Affairs)
Forging the Dead Man Walking (1997 Discussion/Interview)
Telly Awards:
Servants for Jesus’ Sake (2008)
A Peter Mayer Christmas (2006)
On Main Street (2003)
On Main Street (2000)
On Main Street (1996)

Aurora Awards
The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles (2008)
On Main Street (2003)
On Main Street (1998)
Communicator Awards
The Whirlpool of Depression (2001 Award of Distinction)
Videographer Awards
Beyond Forgiveness (2002 Award of Distinction)
The Pits of Porn (1999 Award of Distinction)

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