DWard Media films have appeared in major theaters, national TV, and in more than 50 film festivals. “Ragman” alone has been featured in more than 30 festivals, and has garnered several awards, including Best Faith-Based Film at the Cape Fear Film Festival, winner of the TAFFY Award at the Attic Film Fest, and a finalist for Family Live Action at the Reno Film Festival.

Dale has been honored with regional Emmy awards in the Documentary Historical category, the Discussion/Interview category, and twice in the Current Affairs category. He also has numerous Telly Awards, several Aurora Awards, a couple of Videographer Awards, and a Communicator Award.

“There’s Something in the Basement” was featured in St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, Coming  Up Shorts Festival, the Kansas City FIlm Festival, and the 15 Minutes of Fame Festival.


“The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles” was a winner in the VLAA Short Film Contest, and the Jersey Shore Film Festival, and it played at the St. Louis International Film Festival, the 15 Minutes of Fame Festival, the Washougal International Film Festival, the Macon Film Festival, and the Route 66 International Film Festival.


“tomorrow” has been featured at the City Garden (outside video wall) in downtown St. Louis, the Orlando International Film Festival, and the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase.






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